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The Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) is responsible for enforcing the statutory Pubs Code. The Pubs Code regulates the relationship between all businesses owning 500 or more tied pubs in England and Wales and their tied tenants.

Tied tenants are those that are obliged to purchase beer and other drinks from their landlord.

The principles of the Pubs Code are to ensure:

  • fair and lawful dealing by pub companies in their dealing with their tied tenants
  • tied tenants are no worse off than if they were free of tie

An important part of this is the introduction of the option for tied tenants to request a market rent only option.

Paul Newby is the independent Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) in England and Wales appointed to oversee the operation of the Pubs Code.

The pub companies currently covered by the Pubs Code are:

  • Marston’s PLC
  • Admiral Taverns Ltd
  • Enterprise Inns PLC
  • Greene King PLC
  • Star Pubs and Bars (Heineken UK)
  • Punch Taverns PLC


The PCA oversees the operation of the Pubs Code. The code imposes information and transparency obligations on the pub companies and gives tied tenants the right (in certain circumstances) to opt to move to a free-of-tie tenancy.

The PCA will:

  • arbitrate any disputes between tenants and their pub companies that are referred to the adjudicator under the code; and will decide on any redress or remedy
  • investigate, where the adjudicator has reasonable grounds to suspect that there have been breaches of the Pubs Code, and take enforcement action as necessary

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