About us

We help people who are vulnerable because of their lack of mental capacity or young age to take advantage of the services offered by the justice system. This helps them to avoid being socially excluded.

Who we are

We’re the combined office of the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts and the Public Trustee – 2 separate, independent statutory office holders. We are around 135 staff who support their work, including lawyers and administrators. All are civil servants based in our offices in London.

Our responsibilities

We give administrative and operational support to the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts and to the Public Trustee, who have separate duties.

The Official Solicitor acts:

The Public Trustee acts:

Contact information

Email addresses for Official Solicitor and Public Trustee departments.

General enquiries

Email: enquiries@ospt.gov.uk

Civil Litigation

Email: os_civil_litigation@ospt.gov.uk

Corporate Services

Email: osptfinance@ospt.gov.uk

Court of Protection - Healthcare and Welfare

Email: oswelfarereferrals@ospt.gov.uk

Court of Protection - Property and Affairs

Email: OSPTSecretarialsupport@ospt.gov.uk

International Child Abduction Unit

Email: icacu@ospt.gov.uk

Private Law - Family and Divorce

Email: osinformation@ospt.gov.uk

Public Law - Family

Email: osinformation@ospt.gov.uk

Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders (REMO) EU and Non EU cases

Email: REMO@ospt.gov.uk

Trust and Deputy Services

Email: enquiries@ospt.gov.uk

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