Complaints procedure

How to make a complaint about the Official Solicitor and Public Trustee’s service.

Types of complaints we can help with

You can complain about the service you’ve received from the Official Solicitor and Public Trustee.

You can’t complain if you don’t agree with the decision the court has made. For this you should seek advice from a solicitor, local law centre, Citizens Advice Bureau or community legal services. This includes any decision regarding the appointment of the Official Solicitor as litigation friend or any decision the Official Solicitor makes during the course of litigation. You also can’t complain to the Legal Services Ombudsman about decisions taken by the Official Solicitor in his capacity as litigation friend.

We also won’t accept complaints from parties to the proceedings (other than the person for whom the Official Solicitor has acted or is acting as litigation friend). Any such complaints should be raised with the court during the course of the proceedings.

How to complain

Email full details of your complaint to the complaints officer at

If you’re unable to make your complaint by email, telephone us on 020 3681 2600.

When you complain, you should:

  • state clearly that this is a complaint
  • include your name and contact details to send a response to
  • give the name of your case and the reference number if you have one
  • explain what your complaint is about, giving as much relevant detail as possible including dates and events, and making clear what you feel is wrong

What happens next

We’ll acknowledge your complaint within 3 days of receiving it. We will respond within 20 working days and explain our findings. If we can’t meet this timescale, we’ll contact you and discuss a revised deadline.

If you’re not satisfied

If you’re not satisfied with our response you can appeal to the Official Solicitor or the Public Trustee at the above address. The Official Solicitor or Public Trustee will investigate and respond within 15 working days.

If you’re still not satisfied with the response you receive from the Official Solicitor or the Public Trustee we will provide you with details of any further appeal process appropriate to your complaint.