Procurement at Natural England

How we use external suppliers for goods and services.

Doing business with Natural England

Suppliers can look for current opportunities to work with Natural England on our eSourcing Portal.

The system is free, you can register for information that interests you. Find government contract opportunities, view contract awards and contract documents on the Contracts Finder.

Contact if you have questions about our procurement process.

Standard supplier terms and conditions

Natural England has standardised the terms and conditions under which we let contracts. There are 3 sets:

  1. under European Union (EU) threshold contracts:
  2. over EU threshold contracts:
  1. very low value contracts (under £10,000)

D&B DUNS number

New suppliers awarded a contract with Natural England must provide a D&B number. A D&B DUNS number is a unique 9-digit sequence recognised as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of businesses worldwide. It enables the UK government to identify and learn about your company.

Improving opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in economic growth and prosperity in the UK. The government has set a target for 25% of central government spend to go to SMEs by 2015.

Prompt payment of suppliers

Natural England aims to pay invoices within 10 days. For more information, visit our prompt payment of suppliers page.

Sustainable procurement

Our sustainable-procurement-policy (PDF, 49.3KB, 3 pages) explains how environmental factors affect our procurement policies and practices. This is aimed at our internal customers, but our suppliers can also find out more.

Our sustainable procurement policy is supported by other policies that suppliers may need to be aware of, such as our: