Research at MAC

MAC operates its own research programme, which it uses to improve and broaden the existing evidence base on issues related to migration.

In particular, MAC seeks to commission research that it may use to help inform the advice and recommendations that it provides in response to future questions it may be asked by the government.

As well as carrying out its own in-house research, MAC can use its limited research budget to commission research projects from external contractors through a process of open competition. You can see which contracts are currently available and submit an application through the Contracts Finder site.

If you would like to be kept informed of future research proposals, please email us at

Completed research projects are typically published on this website. MAC promotes wide dissemination of research and encourages its contractors to disseminate their findings further.

Forthcoming research

For the 2013 to 2014 period, we have awarded contracts for the following research projects:

  • ‘The determinants of the composition of the labour force in low-skilled sectors of the UK economy’ (awarded to the Warwick Institute for Employment Research)
  • ‘Impact of migration on UK consumer prices’ (awarded to Tommaso Frattini of the University of Milan)

This research is ongoing and will be published in 2014.

MAC published research

You can see our older research (pre 2010) on the National Archives.