Publication scheme

The publication scheme specifies the categories of information that MAIB publish and explains how to get that information.

MAIB publication scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) requires public authorities to adopt and maintain a publication scheme, the purpose of which is to:

  • specify the classes of information we have committed to publish
  • say how we will make that information available
  • say whether the information is available free of charge or on payment

Most of the information covered by our publication scheme will be made available on this website. If you need information in an alternative format, we will do all we reasonably can to help.

Our publication scheme follows the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme for public authorities.

About this publication scheme

This publication scheme is not a list of the actual publications, since this may change as other items are published but rather it is a description of the classes or types of information published.

Information included in this scheme will be made available, either on this website, or through the MAIB contact points. We also provide information that is not routinely published and not covered by this scheme but is made available nonetheless. If you cannot find what you want either on this website or through this scheme you may consider whether you wish to make a subject access request under the Data Protection Act 1998 or a request for information under the provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) or the FOI Act. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us identify the information you require.

MAIB is compliant with the Department for Transport (DfT) Scheme and information that DfT considers is sensitive is excluded. For example, information will not be released if, in the DfT’s view, it is commercially sensitive, relates to security matters, comprises legal advice or its disclosure would amount to an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

Charges for information

Nearly all of our information can be accessed from this website free of charge. In some cases charges will apply, as explained in our charging policy and the charging regime specified by Parliament.

Charging policy - is information free of charge or on payment?

We publish most information online, where it is available for you to view free of charge. If you do not have access to the internet, a printed copy of the web page(s) can be sent to you free of charge.

The following may incur a charge:

  • requests for multiple copies
  • request for the information in a different format
  • requests for archived documents that are no longer available on our website

Any charges made will be to cover the costs of photocopying, postage and packing. You will be told in advance of supplying the information if there will be a charge, and how much it will be.

Current publications issued by the MAIB are available free of charge by emailing

The material featured on our website is subject to Crown copyright protection unless otherwise indicated. The Crown copyright protected material (other than departmental or agency logos) may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence. This is subject to the material being reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context. Where any of the Crown copyright items on this site are being republished or copied to others, the source of the material must be identified and the copyright status acknowledged.

We encourage users to establish hypertext links to this website.

The permission to reproduce Crown protected material does not extend to any material on this website which is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Authorisation to reproduce such material must be obtained from the copyright holders. If you are still unsure whether copyright restrictions apply to the document you can contact the MAIB at

Feedback and complaints with the scheme

Our policy is to be as open as possible and supply the information you have requested, but we may withhold information if we consider its release would cause significant harm. If information within a document made available under this publication scheme is withheld, the document will be clearly marked to show where information has been removed and the exemption we have used.

If we refuse to supply all or part of any other information you have asked for we will write to you giving our reasons for refusal. The reasons will be based on the exempted categories in the FOI Act or the EIR.

If you are unhappy with the way the MAIB handles your request or with any decision made in relation to your Freedom of Information (FOI) request, you may complain within two calendar months of the date your response is provided by the MAIB. You can do so by writing to:

Freedom of Information requests

FOI Requests
Department for Transport
FOI Advice Team
3rd Floor
One Priory Square
TN34 1EA

Contact form https://www.smartsurve...

Switchboard 0300 330 3000

Details on your right to complain will be supplied with our response to your FOI request.

Classes of information

Who we are and what we do

Organisational information, locations and contacts, constitutional and legal governance.

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, tendering, procurement and contracts.

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.

How we make decisions

Policy proposals and decisions. Decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures, consultations.

Our policies and procedures

Current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities.

Lists and registers

Information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to functions of the authority.

The services we offer

Advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases. A description of the services offered.

Charges which may be made for information published under this scheme

Charges may be made for information subject to a charging regime specified by Parliament.

Charges may be for actual disbursements incurred such as:

  • photocopying
  • postage & packaging
  • the costs directly incurred as a result of viewing information

If a charge is to be made, confirmation of the payment due will be given before the information is provided. Payment may be requested prior to provision of the information.

Written requests

Information held by a public authority that is not published under this scheme can be requested in writing, when its provision will be considered in accordance with the provisions of the FOI Act.

About the MAIB

The MAIB investigates marine accidents involving UK vessels worldwide and all vessels in UK territorial waters.

Read more about what we do.


The MAIB publishes a large amount of its investigation work and safety recommendations via the publications listed below. Most of this information is available on this website or printed copy provided free of charge on request to

Investigation reports

MAIB aim to publish investigation reports within 9 months of the investigation beginning, although some can take longer. These can be downloaded from our report finder or printed copy requested.

Safety digests

Safety digest are issued twice yearly, in April and November, and intended to be easy to read. Each edition contains a brief summary of over 20 accidents with detailed lessons to be learned. Safety digests can be downloaded from this website or printed copy requested.

Safety bulletins

Safety bulletins are issued where major safety issues likely to recur before a report can be printed, arise during an investigation and are distributed as widely as possible within the industry in the quickest time possible. Safety bulletins can be downloaded from our report finder or printed copy requested.

Other Publications/Information Leaflets

MAIB distributes a large number of information leaflets and flyers on an ongoing basis. These cover a range of issues from abbreviated accident reports for fishermen, to guidance for witnesses and next of kin. Annual reports and business plans are also published yearly. Printed copies can be requested or they can be downloaded from this website:

Research and Statistics

All research studies are available on this website or printed copy requested.

Should you require additional statistical information, please contact the MAIB with a request for information.


MAIB’s policy is to be as open as possible; however, not all information can be made available to the public. Our aim is to make information available where our regulations allow us to do so, save where we consider that release would cause significant harm or prejudice.

Information (including any of that listed in this publication scheme) will be withheld from publication in whole or in part where we consider that disclosure may harm or prejudice certain areas. Examples include our ongoing investigations; the effective management of the public service; and privacy, personal, commercial, contractual or other confidences of any person. We will not release information that has been given in confidence. Disclosure may also be prohibited by law, for example, under section 13 of the Merchant Shipping (Accident Reporting & Investigation) Regulations 2012.

In such cases we will withhold information and indicate the relevant exemption under the appropriate legislation. If you wish to complain about the information having been withheld, you are referred to the complaints procedure which will be issued with our response to your request.

Access to Information

If you do not have access to the Internet or the information or document(s) that you want are not available on this website, or you are experiencing difficulty in identifying the information or documents you require, MAIB staff will be pleased to help you and can be contacted at:

Marine Accident Investigation Branch

First Floor, Spring Place
105 Commercial Road
SO15 1GH


Enquiries during office hours +44 (0)23 8039 5500

How long will it take?

We aim to provide information that is included in the publication scheme within a maximum of 15 working days. If the information you require is not specifically listed in the publication scheme, we will follow the target in the FOI Act, and supply the information you want within 20 working days.

Responsibility for the scheme

The Head of Administration has overall responsibility for MAIB’s publication scheme. The person responsible for maintaining the publication scheme on a day-to-day basis is the FOI Officer:

Please address any queries to:

Freedom of Information requests

FOI requests
Marine Accident Investigation Branch
First Floor, Spring Place
105 Commercial Road
SO15 1GH