MAIB safety digests

Learn lessons from a selection of accidents involving merchant ships, fishing boats and recreational craft.

Safety digests are collections of anonymous articles involving vessels from the merchant, fishing and small craft sectors which draws the attention of the marine community to lessons arising from a variety of accidents.

Compilation editions for the fishing industry and for leisure craft have also been produced on occasion.

Safety digests

  1. MAIB safety digests 20-24
  2. MAIB safety digests 15-19
  3. MAIB safety digests 10-14
  4. MAIB safety digests 05-09
  5. MAIB safety digests 00-04
  6. MAIB safety digests 95-99
  7. MAIB safety digests 90-94

Safety digest - fishing vessel special editions

  1. MAIB fishing safety digests 10-24
  2. MAIB fishing safety digests 00-09

Safety digest - recreational craft special editions

  1. MAIB leisure craft safety digests
Published 22 December 2014
Last updated 1 April 2015 + show all updates
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