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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

  • Robots tackle Sellafield’s notorious radioactive ‘hot spot’

    Robots at Sellafield have started to remove radioactive sludge from the most hazardous spot on the site.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Our governance

    We are a non-departmental public body led by our Board and team of Executive Directors.

  • Government launches new policy to deal with radioactive waste

    RWM begins the search for a site to locate a Geological Disposal Facility

  • Scotland’s oldest nuclear reactor to go as demolition contract awarded

    The decommissioning of Dounreay’s oldest nuclear reactor has taken a major step forward with the award of a multi-million pound contract.

  • Winfrith land transfer secures £1.7 million savings

    The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has secured savings of almost £1.7 million through the sale of land at Winfrith to a waste processing specialist.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: priorities and progress

    NDA's priorities and progress are outlined in our Strategy, Business Plan, Performance Reports, and Annual Report and Accounts.

  • Triple tonne triumph

    Sellafield's Pile Fuel Storage Pond has passed an important point in its clean-up journey with the removal of 300 tonnes of solid waste from the legacy pond.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Business Plan 2019 to 2022

    The Business Plan sets out key activities and expected progress for all 17 of the NDA’s nuclear sites over the next 3 years.

  • Experienced nuclear leader for new Magnox role

    David Peattie, CEO of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, has today announced that Lawrie Haynes has been appointed Chair Designate of the NDA subsidiary, Magnox Ltd.

  • UK first for the nuclear industry

    In a first for the UK nuclear industry, Magnox has announced that Bradwell Site, in Essex, has entered a safe state known as ‘care and maintenance’.

  • Bradwell nuclear site: celebrating 60 years at the heart of the community

    As Bradwell nuclear site in Essex becomes the first UK nuclear site to reach the "care and maintenance" (C&M) phase of its life, Magnox looks back over the journey that Bradwell has taken since construction began in 1957.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Procurement at NDA

    Information for those looking to become a supplier to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

  • NDA records retention schedule

    This schedule has been updated according to Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments and current business practices.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: spend and expense data 2018 to 2019

    Financial transactions, including invoices paid, expenses paid to staff, procurement and travel card spend made by NDA in the first months of the current financial year.

  • End of reprocessing at Thorp signals new era for Sellafield

    The NDA has reached a major milestone in its decommissioning mission with the end of nuclear fuel reprocessing at Thorp.

  • STEM Engagement across the NDA Group

    This paper outlines Credible Options for a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) engagement strategy across the NDA Group, considering the current environment around skills and wider issues.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Research at NDA

    Under the Energy Act 2004, the NDA is required to promote and, where necessary, carry out research to support decommissioning and clean-up.

  • NDA and PHE Epidemiology Governance Group Annual Report 2017 to 2018

    This document provides a summary of the FY2017/2018 year’s activity in relation to work governed by this group.

  • PhD bursaries related to nuclear decommissioning

    NDA seeks applications annually for PhD research proposals related to nuclear decommissioning.

  • New era at Sellafield as Thorp reprocessing ends

    The site’s Thorp plant has completed its 24-year mission to reprocess spent nuclear fuel from around the world.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

    The home of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority on GOV.UK.

  • NDA archive: Nucleus (the Nuclear and Caithness Archives)

    A new facility, called Nucleus (the Nuclear and Caithness Archives), has been built in Caithness to manage the nuclear industry's records.

  • Nucleus named Scotland’s Best Building 2018

    The NDA archive Nucleus has collected another prestigious award after being named the best building in Scotland by one of the industry’s professional bodies.

  • Supply chain event attracts record 1,700 visitors

    A record 1,700 visitors enjoyed a day of exhibitions and informal networking at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Estate Supply Chain Event.

  • Awards recognise winning nuclear suppliers

    The winners of this year’s prestigious NDA Group Supply Chain Awards were announced to a packed audience in Manchester today.

  • Thorp: One of the largest construction projects of the eighties

    As we approach the end of reprocessing in the Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (Thorp), we speak to those who built it.

  • Wylfa reactors 75% defuelled

    Hazard reduction at Magnox’s Wylfa Site on Anglesey has reached a significant milestone, with three-quarters of the used nuclear fuel now emptied from its twin reactors.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority tax strategy

    Tax strategy for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Group.

  • Sellafield plant to be celebrated in new exhibition

    The Art of Reprocessing will mark the end of nuclear fuel reprocessing at Sellafield’s Thorp plant.

  • Introducing the next generation of nuclear professionals

    Sellafield Ltd is celebrating the latest group of nuclear trainees to complete apprenticeships.

  • Green GB Week sees Magnox’s double platinum jubilee

    In the first ‘Green GB Week’ to celebrate clean growth, 2 Magnox sites in North Wales have reached landmark anniversaries.

  • Dounreay management makes long-term employment commitment to workforce

    The companies responsible for decommissioning Dounreay on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have set out proposals to ensure long-term employment for their workforce after the site closes.

  • nucleargraduates: 10 years of achievement

    Created by the NDA in 2008 with a £5 million investment, the nucleargraduates programme is the most comprehensive graduate scheme the industry has ever seen.

  • Supporting World Mental Health Day

    On World Mental Health Day, we're reminding people to talk about the wellbeing of themselves and others.

  • Cumbria to be boosted by 50 new apprenticeships

    Sellafield Ltd will fund 50 new apprenticeships a year for small companies in Cumbria.

  • Minister powers up Cumbria’s potential

    Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry, has brought his vision for the North to Cumbria.

  • Clean-up milestone at Hunterston A

    A project to drain around a million gallons of water and remove over 10 tonnes of redundant equipment from the largest used fuel storage pond in the Magnox fleet has been completed.

  • Collaborative decommissioning research TRANSCENDS the individual approach

    A £9.4 million research programme will link experts from the nuclear industry with UK academics and PhD students to wrestle with some of the challenges in dealing with radioactive waste.

  • NDA signs cooperation arrangement with JAEA

    The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) joins forces with Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) to share expertise in nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

  • Nuclear companies honoured for safety at Sellafield

    The safety performance of those working at Sellafield has been recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

  • Four awards in one week for Direct Rail Services

    Direct Rail Services (DRS) scooped its 4th award of the week with its Class 88 locomotive named "Train of the Year – freight/ mixed traffic" at the prestigious National Rail Awards.

  • NDA estate supply chain awards

    Applications closed open for the 2018 Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Estate Supply Chain Awards on 5 September.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – About us

    We ensure the safe and efficient clean-up of the UK’s nuclear legacy.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Organisation Chart

    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority organisation chart showing senior positions and names, with structure for other functions.

  • Giant crane to help bring historic chimney down

    Preparations to pull down the Windscale Pile One chimney are now complete.

  • Teens tackle cyber security programme

    Cyber experts of the future were given a unique glimpse inside the world of digital security during a four-day programme designed to encourage young people into the industry.

  • Shared Services Alliance: Collaborative Procurement Plan

    List of forthcoming procurements from client organisations collaborating in sourcing shared goods and services for nuclear decommissioning.

  • NDA Direct Research Portfolio (DRP) Projects: Quarterly Update

    This document shows the DRP projects that are ongoing or were commissioned during Financial Year 2018 to 2019.

  • A step forward for Sellafield’s most hazardous building

    Work to empty the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo has taken a significant step forward.

  • Divers complete ponds mission at Sizewell A

    Specialist divers from the U.S. have completed their mission to haul radioactive waste out of Sizewell A’s nuclear fuel storage ponds nearly two months early.

  • Secretary of State Greg Clark visits Sellafield's iconic legacy facilities

    The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, was given an insight into the complexities of the Cumbrian nuclear plant.

  • Divers complete ponds mission at Sizewell A Site - safer, faster and cheaper

    Specialist divers have completed their mission to deal with radioactive waste from Sizewell A Site’s nuclear fuel storage ponds, nearly two months ahead of schedule.

  • NDA radioactive waste management strategy

    This single radioactive waste strategy will apply to all radioactive waste generated within the NDA Group, including materials that may become waste at some point in the future.

  • Management of radioactive waste and materials inventory data

    The UK Radioactive Waste and Materials Inventory (UK Inventory) provides information on radioactive waste and material produced by a range of industrial sectors.

  • Mission complete moves closer for Bradwell

    Bradwell nuclear site in Essex has taken another critical step towards closing its doors later this year as work to safely manage the final remaining radioactive waste stream comes to an end.

  • Another UK first for project academy

    Sellafield Ltd employees are first in the UK to complete a brand new scheme in project scope baseline management.

  • VIDEO - This is Sellafield

    Enterprise director Rebecca Weston represented Sellafield Ltd at the annual Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Stakeholder Summit.

  • A big day for our Bus Station investment

    Today marks a milestone in our project to redevelop the old Bus Station in Whitehaven.

  • Women in Nuclear welcomes the suffrage flag to Cumbria

    Trudy Harrison MP has been joined by nuclear organisations to welcome the official suffrage flag to Cumbria.

  • Nuclear industry showcases progress in decommissioning

    Leaders from the nuclear decommissioning industry have spent two days with national and international stakeholders at the second NDA Stakeholder Summit.

  • Nuclear Provision: explaining the cost of cleaning up Britain's nuclear legacy

    The Nuclear Provision is the best estimate of how much it will cost to clean up the UK’s 17 earliest nuclear sites over a programme lasting around 120 years.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Annual Report and Accounts 2017 to 2018

    Our annual report and accounts 2017/18 reviews a year of progress towards our mission of cleaning up and decommissioning the UK’s civil nuclear sites.

  • Socio-economic report 2017 to 2018

    This report provides a brief overview of socio-economic expenditure by NDA businesses during the financial year 2017/18.

  • Economic Impact Assessment of Magnox sites

    An assessment of the economic impact of the 12 Magnox sites on their local economies.

  • NDA Stakeholder Summit 2018

    BEIS Permanent Secretary Alex Chisholm speaking at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Stakeholder Summit.

  • Game changing progress in Sellafield pond

    A major breakthrough has been achieved in the Sellafield clean-up programme – and a Cumbrian company has played a key part.

  • BEIS Committee members visit Sellafield site

    Three members of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee visited the Sellafield site last week.

  • Sellafield’s biggest chimney chopped down to size

    One of the most daring demolition projects ever undertaken at Sellafield has reached a key point.

  • Magnox Limited to become a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority subsidiary

    The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced that Magnox Ltd will become a subsidiary of the NDA from 1 September 2019.

  • Sellafield tackles its biggest risk yet

    Work has begun to remove Sellafield’s most hazardous material.

  • NDA signs Anglo-French decommissioning agreement

    Roadmaps of collaboration have been signed between the NDA and its French counterparts on civil nuclear decommissioning, clean-up and hazard reduction.

  • Registration opens for Europe’s largest nuclear decommissioning supply chain event

    Registration is now open for the 8th Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Estate Supply Chain Event, the largest of its kind in Europe, which will be held in Manchester on 1 November 2018.

  • NDA reveals its commercial ambitions at NIA Decom2018 conference

    Kate Ellis, the NDA's Commercial Director, told hundreds of delegates “It is in all our interests that the supply chain is vibrant and successful"

  • Magnox sets the new standard for storing radioactive waste

    A project designing stores to hold radioactive waste from 12 Magnox sites has cut the cost of decommissioning the UK’s first generation of nuclear power stations by £45m.

  • Direct Rail Services to the rescue

    NDA subsidiary Direct Rail Services (DRS) stormed to the rescue when the weekend’s weather chaos left a Virgin Pendolino stranded between Carlisle and Penrith.

  • NDA Subject Access Request Procedure - Data Protection

    This procedure defines the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's process when a request for access to personal data is received.

  • NDA's HR Director joins new ECITB Board

    NDA’s HR Director, David Vineall, has joined 8 other new Board members at the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), the statutory skills body for the engineering construction industry in Great Britain.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: spend and expense data 2017 to 2018

    Financial transactions, including invoices paid, expenses paid to staff, procurement and travel card spend by NDA.

  • NDA showcases the positive impact of nuclear clean-up in Scotland

    Guests at an event in the Scottish Parliament heard how work to decommission 3 of Scotland's oldest nuclear sites is taking huge strides forward and making a positive lasting impact in communities.

  • This is Me in the Nuclear Industry

    Employees from across the NDA Group have shared their personal stories as part of national campaign to end the stigma associated with mental health issues.

  • Japanese nuclear specialists will learn from UK expertise

    Japanese nuclear industry experts have visited two of the UK’s most challenging decommissioning projects to see the techniques and technologies being used first-hand.

  • NDA group equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2018 to 2022

    This strategy sets out NDA's equality, diversity and inclusion priorities from 2018 to 2022.

  • Snake slithers through to tackle Dragon

    A laser-cutting robotic snake has been put to work on the highly radioactive core of Winfrith's redundant Dragon reactor in Dorset.

  • NDA health, safety, security and environmental policy statement

    The health and safety of people, the protection of the environment, and the security of our employees and assets are paramount.

  • NDA equal opportunities, harassment, discrimination and diversity policy

    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's equal opportunities, harassment, discrimination and diversity policy.

  • NDA information request handling procedure

    This procedure defines how requests for information must be handled to ensure NDA complies with legal obligations and requirements.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Publication scheme

    NDA's publication scheme specifies the categories of information we publish and explains how to access that information.

  • NDA knowledge management policy

    How we fulfil NDA’s responsibilities under the Energy Act 2004 to ensure knowledge assets are managed to prevent the duplication of effort.

  • NDA's data protection policy

    This policy defines the responsibilities of the NDA and its employees, contractors and consultants and ensures that all are aware, not only of the requirements of data protection legislation on the NDA itself, but also their individual responsibilities in this respect.

  • NDA procedure for handling GDPR data subject rights requests

    Our procedure for adhering to the General Data Protection Regulations that provides rights for individuals.

  • NDA whistle-blowing policy

    This policy aims to encourage confidence in raising serious concerns and to question and act upon concerns about practices.

  • NDA travel and expenses policy

    This policy does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment and it may be amended at any time.

  • NDA anti-fraud, bribery and corruption policy

    This policy sets out standards of probity and propriety we expect from those that we contract with to carry out services on behalf of NDA.

  • NDA Quality Policy Statement

    NDA’s Quality Policy, including details of the development and implementation of the organisation’s quality management system.

  • NDA governance and assurance policy

    This document sets out NDA’s requirements for Internal Audit within a Site Licence Company (SLC).

  • Summary of socio-economic funding 2017/18 - Welsh

    Magnox is committed to providing and enabling socio-economic support for the communities in which it operates.

  • EGPR04 Technology research investment process (in nuclear decommissioning)

    Outline of stages: initiation of mini-tenders, assessment of proposals, project progress monitoring, and assessment of contractor output.

  • NDA announces new Chair of Sellafield Ltd Board

    NDA Chief Executive David Peattie has announced that Lorraine Baldry OBE will become the new Chair of the NDA subsidiary, Sellafield Ltd, on 1 May 2018.

  • Decommissioning Progress

    Our work is as diverse as it is challenging.

  • Magnox celebrates another year of delivery

    Magnox has published its decommissioning highlights from the last financial year.