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The primary purpose of the King’s Harbour Master (KHM) is to protect the port, the Royal Navy and its vessels and other government assets.

KHM is part of the Ministry of Defence.

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King's Harbour Master: Portsmouth

Semaphore Tower
HM Naval Base
United Kingdom

Very High Frequency channel:

CH 11 or 13

King's Harbour Master: Plymouth

Longroom House
RM Stonehouse
United Kingdom

Admin enquiries:

+44 (0)1752 836942 and fax +44 (0)1752 836944

General operational enquiries:

+44 (0)1752 836953 and fax +44 (0)1752 836401

Very High Frequency channel:

CH 14

24hr telephone:

01752 836953

King's Harbour Master: Clyde

Renown Building
HMNB Clyde

G84 8HL
United Kingdom

Harbour control:

+44 (0)1436 674321 Ext. 3555

Planning enquiries:

+44 (0)1436 674321 Ext. 6499

Ship's managers:

+44 (0)1436 674321 Ext. 3062

Very High Frequency channel:

CH 73

24hr telephone:

01436 674321 extn 3555

King's Harbour Master: East Cove Port

East Cove Port
BFPO 655
Falkland Islands

Very High Frequency channel:

CH 12 (port ops) or CH 13 (tug control)

Harbour control:

+500 (7) 7003 (24hr telephone)

King's Harbour Master: Gibraltar

The Tower
HM Naval Base
Gibraltar BFPO 52
(Civil Shadow Post Code: BF1 2AR)

Email base services:

Email out of working hours:

Harbour master:

+350 200 55791(military +350 58009378)

Port Services:

+350 200 55901/55902 (military +350 56949000)

Very High Frequency channel:

CH 08 Pri / CH 12 Sec (working hours only)

Copyright and Intellectual Property Group

MOD Copyright Administrator
Poplar 2 #2214
MOD Abbey Wood
BS34 8JH
United Kingdom

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