About us

We carry out sentences given by the courts, in custody and the community, and rehabilitate people in our care through education and employment.

What we do

Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) is to here to prevent victims by changing lives.

We work with our partners to carry out the sentences given by the courts, either in custody or the community.

We reduce reoffending by rehabilitating the people in our care through education and employment. The agency is made up of Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the Probation Service and a headquarters focussed on creating tools and learning.


Within England and Wales, we are responsible for:

  • running prison and probation services
  • rehabilitation services for people in our care leaving prison
  • making sure support is available to stop people reoffending
  • contract managing private sector prisons and services such as:
    • the prisoner escort service
    • electronic tagging

Through HM Prison Service: we manage public sector prisons and the contract for private prisons in England and Wales.

Through the Probation Service: we oversee probation delivery in England and Wales.


We will deliver the government’s vision and investment to make prisons places of safety and reform, and to continue to transform our work in the community.

We will provide safe and supportive environments, where people work through the reasons that caused them to offend and prepare for a more positive future.

How we work

We work with many agencies, organisations and partners to provide our services including charities and social enterprises.

We also work with independent inspectors, local councils, youth offending teams, courts, police and other enforcement agencies to meet our responsibilities and support the justice system.

Our work in Wales

Our HMPPS in Wales directorate makes sure all organisations delivering services involving people in our care in Wales work closely together, including the Probation Service and prisons in Wales.

We make sure our work follows the policies that the Welsh government creates for the people of Wales.

We also work closely with charities, independent inspectors, local councils, the courts and police to support the justice system.

HMPPS in Wales supports the Welsh Language scheme and meeting the needs of Welsh speaking people in custody and in the community.

Our structure

HMPPS structure chart - October 2021 (PDF, 1.12 MB, 1 page)

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