About us

We help the UK defence and security industries to export.

We do this by building strong relationships with industry and overseas governments.

We provide specialist export advice and practical assistance, working closely with industry and government departments including the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Home Office and the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU).

Who we are

The Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organisation (DIT DSO) has around 100 staff in London and another 27 members in our Export Support Team. DIT DSO has a small number of diplomatic posts overseas. We also have access to other overseas DIT/FCO staff. For more information see our corporate brochure.

Regional directorates

DIT DSO has 2 regional directorates (RDs) staffed by experts on specific countries or geographic areas. These are:

  • RD 1 which covers the Americas, Pacific and East Asia
  • RD 2 which covers Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central and South Asia

The RDs provide focused government advice and support to UK defence, security and cyber security companies on how to do business in overseas markets. RD desk officers have a detailed understanding of overseas market requirements and business opportunities as well as political / military industrial drivers.

Each RD is supported by military and security specialists providing advice on a wide range of capabilities including weapon systems, aviation, electronic warfare, training, air defence, law enforcement and cyber security.

DIT DSO Export Support Team

The Export Support Team (EST) comprises of serving military personnel with a wide range of expertise. They provide a wide range of support including impartial military advice, demonstrations and support at exhibitions.

Watch the DIT DSO video:

Watch ‘The role of the DIT Defence and Security Organisation’


We are responsible for:

  • helping UK defence and security industries export their products
  • maintaining relationships with overseas governments to promote British defence and security products
  • working with MOD and industry to ensure defence and security products have export potential
  • providing UK defence and security companies with specialist support to sell their goods

Watch how DIT DSO helps companies increase security exports:

Watch ‘UK: partners in security’


For 2018 to 2019, our priorities will be to:

  • assist UK defence and security companies to export their products particularly in our priority markets
  • support the major UK defence and security exhibitions (Farnborough International Air Show, Defence and Security Equipment International, and Security and Policing)
  • support the UK defence and security industry at overseas events
  • promote the rapidly-growing cyber security sector