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What the Department for Exiting the European Union does

We are responsible for overseeing negotiations to leave the EU and establishing the future relationship between the UK and EU.

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Our ministers

Our management

Clare  Moriarty
Clare Moriarty
Permanent Secretary (Department for Exiting the European Union)
Simon Ridley
Director General
Alex Ellis
Director General
Margaret Stephens
Chair of Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, Non-executive board member
Susan Hooper
Non-executive board member
Tom Shinner
Director for Policy and Delivery Coordination
Chris Jones
Director for Justice, Security and Migration
Chris Hobley
Co-Director of Market Access and Budget
Eoin Parker
Co-Director - Market Access and Budget Directorate & DExEU Chief Scientific Adviser
Matt Baugh
Director of Strategy and Coordination
Olivier Evans
Director for Communications and Stakeholders
Simon Baugh
Director for Communications and Stakeholders
Joanna Key
Director for Legislation and Constitution
Anna Clunes
Director of Security, Territories and Ongoing Business
Helen Mills
Co-Director for Corporate Centre
Nathan Phillips
Director for Planning and Analysis, Director for Business Engagement & Readiness
Rhys Bowen
Director for Negotiations Strategy
Rebecca Evernden
Co-Director for Citizens and Networks
Colin Dingwall
Co-Director for Domestic Policy & Implementation (Implementation)

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Correspondence Team
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020 7276 0432

Stakeholder submissions

9 Downing Street
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