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Civil Service Reform sets out a series of specific and practical actions for reform which is leading to real changes for the Civil Service.


We are responsible for:

  • putting in place a new process for improving skills and performance across the Civil Service
  • redesigning digital services to make them so straightforward and convenient that all those who can use them prefer to do so
  • improving the Civil Service ability to manage large scale projects and programmes
  • better management of resources through improvements in the sharing of services in back office functions
  • improving the accountability of senior leaders

Discover what is happening and how these changes are affecting the Civil Service by visiting the Civil Service blog.

Our priorities

From 2013 to 2014, our priorities will be:

  • skills - there are four areas that civil servants are prioritising on developing their skills. They are leading and managing change, commercial, digital and, programme and project management.
  • digital - the Government Digital Strategy, and the departmental digital strategies commit us to the redesigning and rebuilding of 25 ‘exemplar’ services. We’re going to make them simpler, clearer and faster to use. All these are to meet the Digital By Default Service Standard by April 2014 and be completed by March 2015.
  • improved programme management and professionalism - the professions will publish plans detailing how they will better benefit staff. The government will further improve accountability to the public through improved engagement to strengthen policy outcomes.
  • greater collaboration - we will improve management of resources through improvements in the sharing of services in back office functions and also improve the accountability of senior leaders.
  • improving workplaces and tools – focusing on creating modern work environments and IT making it easier to get on with the job

Who we are

The Reform Plan is led by the Minister for the Cabinet Office, the Head of the Civil Service and the Cabinet Secretary.

The plan is implemented with the support of Permanent Secretaries and their staff.

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