About us

We advise the secretary of state in England on making building regulations and setting standards for the design and construction of buildings.


The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) is a statutory advisory body that the Secretary of State will consult on proposals to make or change building regulations. In addition the Committee provides expert advice to the Secretary of State on building regulations or related matters. This includes for example the health and safety, welfare and convenience of people in and around buildings; energy conservation and the sustainability of buildings.


BRAC membership consists of independent volunteers appointed due to their experience and expertise across the construction sector. Members are appointed for a 3 year term and can serve for a maximum of 3 terms. The committee currently has 12 members


The Building Control Performance Standards Advisory Group (BCPSAG) advises BRAC for England and BRAC for Wales on the performance of building control bodies.

The Competent Person Forum(CPF) advises BRAC for England and BRAC for Wales on matters of interest for Competent Person Schemes who undertake self-certified building work in England and Wales