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Work underway to refurbish River Nene's Wadenhoe Lock

Work to refurbish one of the River Nene’s busiest locks is underway, as part of the Environment Agency’s £1.4m investment into Anglian Waterways.

Wadenhoe Lock
Beneath the surface: Wadenhoe Lock was drained to allow essential work to take place, leaving us with this striking and not-often-seen view.

Wadenhoe Lock is getting a complete overhaul, including repairs to the structure, replacement of its mechanism, and a thorough paint job. This will help the lock stay in good, safe working order for decades to come.

The first phase of the work, which took place in November, required the lock to be drained of water, so that the parts usually beneath the surface could be fully inspected and repaired.

The lock is scheduled to close again between 3 January and 12 February for work to continue on the gates, mechanism and paintwork. These dates are subject to change.

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Andy Bennison, Anglian Waterways assets senior specialist at the Environment Agency, said:

Our precious waterways are an important part of our nation’s rich heritage and beauty. They are a national treasure, valued for their contribution to our environment, our health and wellbeing, and our economy. We’re proud to play a part in caring for them, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Maintaining them to a good, safe working standard is our number-one priority. We invest money very carefully to ensure the best value for every pound we spend. This means our waterways will continue to offer outstanding value to the many, many people who enjoy them every year.

Part of £1.4m waterways investment

The refurbishment to Wadenhoe Lock is part of the Environment Agency’s £1.4m investment into Anglian Waterways. The annual Capital Investment Programme sets out the repairs and upgrades being made across the 353-mile navigable network.

Wadenhoe Lock, which bypasses a Grade II-listed watermill with medieval origins, is located in one of the most picturesque areas of the River Nene. Its electrically-operated guillotine gates give access to around 7,000 boaters every year.

The Environment Agency looks after the lock, along with more than 353 miles of navigable waterways in the Anglian region, as well as a vast network of associated facilities such as bridges, locks, moorings and toilets. The agency’s work enables thousands of boaters and more than a million other visitors to enjoy these waterways every year.

Complete refurbishment

The work on Wadenhoe Lock includes an engineering inspection of its chamber, replacement of the mitre gate pintle pins, cups and paddle gates, replacement of the vertical shaft and top bevel gears, replacement of the bearings on the horizontal shaft, repairs to the ladders and guillotine gate wheel tracks, an overhaul of the guillotine gate drive gear, and re-painting.

Published 27 December 2017