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Why would I like to meet my neighbours in the Falkland Islands?

The Government of the Falkland Islands and the British Embassies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay invite university students to participate.

Mauricio Giraudo - Falkland Islands
Mauricio Giraudo in the Falkland Islands

This competition offers winners the chance to visit the Falklands for a week, all costs covered. To participate, contestants should send a one minute video answering the question: “Why would I like to meet my neighbours from the Falkland Islands?” in English to The deadline for participants to submit their videos is 11:59 pm on 30 September.

Winners will be selected by members of the British Embassy in Uruguay. They will be staying with a local family, to experience firsthand the life in the Falkland Islands.

The contest is meant to promote the cultural exchange between the Falklands and Uruguay, and to spread the knowledge about the Falkland Island and its people. The ideal winner should be active in social media and willing to share his/her experience about the Falkland Islands through these channels.

Find out more about the competition here: Bases del concurso de Islas Falkland (PDF, 99KB, 4 pages)

In 2017, Mauricio Giraudo was the Uruguayan winner, who traveled with Marco Aurélio Franceschini from Brazil and Hristo Gómez from Chile.

In 2016, the Uruguayan winner was Romina Dominzain, who shares her experience in the Falklands in the video below.

My experience in the Falkland Islands

Published 31 August 2018