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We’re changing our email address

Update your Land Registry email address records from 30 January 2016.


From 30 January 2016

Land Registry will change its email addresses.

On this date we will remove ‘ gsi ’ from the email address, changing it from to

So, for example if your contact is Alex White, his email address will change from:




This means that you will need to update the second part of the email address if you wish to contact a member of our staff or a group mailbox from 30 January.

The first half of the email address will remain unchanged. During the transition period incorrectly addressed emails will automatically be redirected to the correct address.

What you need to do

To avoid any disruption to service and to ensure your emails continue to be received you will need to take the following actions. Remember to update any systems that have a built-in email contact function.

From 30 January

You will need to update your Land Registry email address records, applying the new format:

By 29 February

Your records will need to be updated by 29 February, after this transition period incorrectly addressed emails will receive a ‘bounce back’ notice.


If you have any questions about this change or require more information please contact us.

Published 2 November 2015