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Website revised

Regulatory Delivery website brings two into one for stakeholders.

Regulatory Delivery website brings two into one for stakeholders

The Regulatory Delivery website on GOV.UK has been revised to present resources for regulators, businesses and citizens previously provided by the Better Regulation Delivery Office and the National Measurement and Regulation Office. Stakeholders can now go to our home page and access all the content that has transitioned through seven main links at its top. These are:

  • Local regulation: practice and strategy
  • Local regulation: Primary Authority
  • Local and national regulation: practice and context
  • National regulation: Weights and Measures
  • National regulation: gas and electricity meters
  • National regulation: enforcement services
  • NMO Certification and Technical Services

We have taken the opportunity to improve the overall presentation of our guides and publications and reduce the number of clicks required to reach them. Please take a look at our upgraded site and give us feedback to help us further enhance it.

Published 22 September 2016