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Veterinary Medicinal Product Batch Defect Alert: Genta-Equine

The VMD has issued a batch recall for Genta-Equine 100mg/ml solution for injection for horses.


The VMD has been made aware of a product defect with one batch of Genta-Equine 100mg/ml solution for injection for horses Vm 33848/4000, an injectable antibiotic containing Gentamicin, marketed by Franklin Pharmaceuticals Ltd and distributed by Dechra Veterinary Products.

Serious adverse events resulting in anaphylactic reactions in horses have been reported following use of this product batch. Investigations into the cause of these events are in progress.

The affected batch is 6054-81A with the expiry date January 2018.

The VMD advises that this batch should not be used and a batch recall to veterinary practice level is in progress.

For more details contact Andrew Parkinson, Quality Director, Dechra Veterinary Products; email:

Published 14 October 2016