Press release

UN Security Council agrees UK-led resolution on Colombia

Sir Alan Duncan welcomes new UN Security Council Resolution to send second mission to support Colombia's peace process


The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution giving the mandate for a second UN mission to support the peace process in Colombia. The UK played a leading role in negotiating the resolution.

Sir Alan Duncan, Minister for Europe and the Americas, said:

I welcome the adoption of the new UN Security Council resolution, approving the continued presence of a UN Special Political Mission in Colombia.

The UK has played a privileged role leading negotiations toward agreement of this resolution, which will ensure continued UN support to Colombia’s peace process. In its second phase, the UN mission will play a vital role in monitoring the transition of the new People’s Alternative Revolutionary Forces (FARC) to civilian life.

The UK remains resolute in its support to peace and security in Colombia, and for efforts that ensure the safety of all Colombian citizens.

Published 14 September 2017