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UKHO features in new UK Chamber of Shipping film

New Chamber of Shipping film showcases the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office’s role in supporting HMS Queen Elizabeth and relief efforts after Hurricane Irma

RAdm Tim Lowe and Lt Kyle Walkley on board HMS Gleaner

Focusing on their role as the UK’s hydrographic and marine geospatial agency, the film gives an insight into the vital role the UKHO played in the arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth into Portsmouth. The UKHO analysed and verified bathymetric data about the depth and nature of the seabed to ensure safe passage.

It also explores their international responsibilities as the Primary Charting Authority for 71 nations. As well as charting these waters to support safe navigation, the UKHO helps small island states to sustainably manage their marine resources by helping them to build their knowledge of their marine environment. This work brings economic benefits and can help to build resilience to the impact of climate change and natural disasters.

More recently, the UKHO supported relief efforts in the Caribbean in the devastating wake of Hurricane Irma. By providing emergency navigational charts to the British Virgin Islands within 24 hours, this enabled ships to safely bring in emergency supplies.

The film demonstrates the wide range of location-based information the organisation handles from its office in Taunton, Somerset. Chief Executive John Humphrey explains:

Good marine information supports trade, tourism, civil defence, managing the marine environment. All of those different things require good information to be able to do them and we are the people who can provide that information.

By investing in new data capabilities and facilities, the UKHO is developing its world-class capabilities into the future.

You can view the UK Chamber of Shipping film below.

‘Sea Change’ - The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Published 8 November 2017