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UK Transport Systems Catapult hosts forum in Thailand

60 Thai organisations took part in an Intelligent Transport Forum highlighting UK expertise in integrated and sustainable transport systems.

UK Transport Systems Catapult hosts forum in Thailand

On Tuesday 24th November 2015, The British Embassy Thailand hosted the Intelligent Transport Forum with the UK Transport Systems Catapult.

The forum showcased UK experience and expertise in promoting sustained economic growth and wellbeing through integrated, efficient and sustainable transport systems. Opportunities for future collaboration in Thailand, and across the region were also discussed.

Ben Raby, Deputy Director, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), introduced Intelligent mobility experts Andrew Everett, Richard Jones and Toby Hiles from the Transport Systems Catapult.

Thai attendees included senior government representatives from the Department of Highways, Airports of Thailand and Department of Civil Aviation. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Asian Development Bank also attended Tuesday’s Intelligent Transport Forum.

UK Transport Systems Catapult

The Transport Systems Catapult is one of 10 elite technology and innovation centres established and overseen by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

It was created to drive and promote Intelligent Mobility – using new and emerging technologies to transport people and goods more smartly and efficiently.

With a clear emphasis on collaboration, the Catapult is:

  • bringing together diverse organisations across different modes of transport
  • breaking down barriers
  • providing a unique platform for meeting the world’s most pressing transport challenges

What is intelligent mobility?

Intelligent Mobility uses emerging technologies to enable the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods around the world.

It encompasses:

  • autonomous vehicles
  • seamless journey systems *multi-modal modelling software

Intelligent Mobility is all about taking a different approach to the challenges that have traditionally beset the transport sector, whether it be congestion, pollution or the lack of ‘joined up’ thinking between different means of transport.

But it also goes further. It focuses on helping the transport industry to address wider societal trends including:

  • a growing and ageing global population
  • climate change
  • the rapid depletion of our traditional energy resources
  • increasing urbanisation

As champions of Intelligent Mobility, the Catapult and its partners are seeking to change how we think about the movement of people and goods. This involves taking advantage of:

  • developments in web connectivity
  • integrated systems
  • state of the art modelling and visualisation
  • the emerging Internet of Things (IoT)


Get in touch with Attakorn Saropala at the British Embassy for more information.

Published 1 December 2015