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Transport Minister Andrew Jones welcomes huge rise in take up of ultra low emissions vehicles

Major year on year increase in the number of ultra low emissions vehicles registered in the UK.

Ultra low emissions vehicle

Transport Minister Andrew Jones today (11 June 2015) welcomed the substantial increase in the number of new ultra low emission vehicles registered in the United Kingdom.

A total of 9,046 ultra low emission vehicles were registered in the first quarter of 2015 – a rise of 366% from the same period in 2014.

New ultra low emission and electric vehicles, UK: 2010 quarter 4 to 2014 quarter 4

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said:

I am delighted to see such a huge rise in the number of people buying ultra low emission vehicles. The Go Ultra Low campaign is making low emission vehicles an increasingly popular choice and the government is investing £500 million over the next 5 years in making them more accessible to families and businesses across the country.

It’s a great example of Britain leading the way in developing sustainable transport options that are affordable for everyone.

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Published 11 June 2015