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The new home on the web for DPTAC

GOV.UK is the new place for information from the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee.

Accessible buses used in the South Yorkshire PTE area

The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) has moved its content onto the new GOV.UK website, the new single home for all government services and information.

The government section of GOV.UK (formerly called ‘Inside government’) makes it simpler, clearer and faster to find out:

  • how government works
  • what the government is doing
  • how you can get involved

New web addresses

All web addresses have been redirected, so you don’t need to update your bookmarks, but you might want to make a note of the new address:

You’ll notice that the new website looks very different from the one it has replaced. The look is one obvious difference, but many of the other significant changes are less visible.

Topics and policies

You can now see information from multiple government departments grouped by topic.

More about the government section and GOV.UK

The government section of GOV.UK is still a work in progress. Work will continue as other organisations, many hundreds in total, move their information to GOV.UK. This will happen in batches and will be completed by March 2014.

You can find out more here:

Published 20 November 2013