Safe and dependable transport is essential to UK society and the economy. The government is working to make rail, road, air and water transport more efficient and effective, keep them safe and secure, and reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions.

Detailed guides

  1. Tonnage measurement

    Key regulations on tonnage measurement, weighing, safe loading, unloading and carriage of cargo, and passenger and personnel safety issues for ships. Read more

  2. Approval of vessel stability information: MCA stability unit

    Guide for owners and naval architects on how and where to submit ship stability information for Martime and Coastguard Agency authorisation. Read more

  3. Navigation safety for UK seafarers

    Vessel traffic management, electronic nautical publications and safety information for owners, operators of ships, yachts, fishing vessels. Read more

  4. Share hydrographic data with Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

    Find out about MCA’s bathymetric data collection programme, how to share data with MCA, and guidance for offshore developers. Read more

  5. VTS certification: operators, supervisors and instructors.

    Forms and guidance for initial application and revalidation for vessel traffic services (VTS) operator logbooks and supervisor or instructor endorsements. Read more