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Statistical Press notice: PIP breast implants

The following statistics were released today by the Department of Health: Latest weekly PIP implant data (covering the period 6th January to…

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The following statistics were released today by the Department of Health:

Latest weekly PIP implant data (covering the period 6th January to 22nd July 2012)

This release covers two weekly data collections monitoring the “NHS Offer” for patients who have had PIP implants.

The first collection monitors the extent to which patients who had PIP implants implanted privately have presented to the NHS.

The second collection tracks the care of those women who have previously had PIP implants implanted by the NHS. This collection covers the seven NHS providers which had used PIP implants on NHS patients in the past.

The key points from the latest data are:

Private PIP implants

• A total of 7,504 referrals have now been received, 46 of these were received during the last week (ie week ending 22 July).
• These referrals have been received by 121 trusts.
• 4,742  scans have now been completed and 44 of these were during the last week (ie week ending 22 July).
• The number of decisions to explant now stands at 583. Of these 583 there have been 308 explants to date. 
• 3,491 women have completed their NHS offer and 42 of these have been this week.
• This collection splits the private patient data into 3 categories (Harley, Transform and Other).  Harley and Transform are separately identified because, according the available information, they have the largest number of patients with PIP implants.  “Other” includes unknown so some of these patients may be identified in later weeks as Harley or Transform patients.

NHS PIP implants

• The latest estimate of the number of women with NHS PIP implants in place on 6th January is 881. 
• 881 women have been contacted. 
• 105 scans have been completed.  293 decisions have been made to explant and 156 explants have already taken place.
• 154 women have completed their NHS offer.
Full tables are available on the DH website.  


The point at which the NHS offer is completed will vary according to the circumstances of each woman. Some women will simply want reassurance, others will decide after clinical advice to have their implants explanted by the NHS.

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The Government Statistical Service (GSS) statistician responsible for producing these data is:

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Published 27 July 2012