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Safety Recommendation documents updated

Safety Recommendation documents have been published for the following aircraft accidents.

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Accident Safety Recommendation response update
Boeing 737-86J, C-FWGH
Took off with insufficient thrust for the environmental conditions and struck an obstacle after lift-off.
Responses published today:
2017-016, 2017-017, 2018-012, 2018-013, 2018-014, 2018-015.
Reims Cessna F150M, G-BDZC
Loss of control on takeoff, Bourn Airfield, Cambridgeshire, 17 October 2016.
Responses published today:
Hawker Hunter T7, G-BXFI
Crashed onto public road during air display, near Shoreham Airport, 22 August 2015.
Latest responses published:
2016-041, 2016-042, 2017-001, 2017-002, 2017-003, 2017-004, 2017-005, 2017-006, 2017-007, 2017-008, 2017-009, 2017-010, 2017-011.
Beech B200 Super King Air, G-BYCP
Descent into terrain following departure from Stapleford Aerodrome, Essex, 3 October 2015.
Latest responses published:
SZD-55-1, G-CKLR
Loss of elevator control during launch, Currock Hill Airfield, Northumbria, 8 April 2017.
Responses published today:
Airbus A319-131, G-EUOE
Number 1 and 2 engine fan cowl doors detached during takeoff, London Heathrow Airport, 24 May 2013.
Latest responses published:
2015-001, 2015-003.
CZAW SportCruiser, G-EWZZ
Controlled flight into terrain, Isle of Bute, 9 August 2014.
Latest responses published:
2015-009, 2015-010, 2015-011, 2015-012.
Eurostar, G-GARB
Left wing failed in flight, near Builth Wells, Powys, 18 September 2016.
Responses published today:
Jetstream 3102 31, G-GAVA
Left landing gear collapse during landing at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, 15 August 2014.
Latest responses published:
HPH Glasflugel 304 eS, G-GSGS
Front Electric Sustainer (FES) battery fire during landing, Parham Airfield, West Sussex, 10 August 2017.
Responses published today:
2017-018, 2017-019, 2017-020.
Westland Wasp HAS1, G-KAXT
Loss of collective pitch control resulting in a forced landing, Bishopstone, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, 23 September 2016.
Responses published today:
Agusta Westland AW139, G-LBAL
Flight into terrain after takeoff in fog and at night, near Gillingham Hall, Norfolk, 13 March 2014.
Responses published today:
2015-024, 2015-025.
Saab 2000, G-LGNO
Loss of control in flight, near Sumburgh Airport, 15 December 2014
Responses published today:
2016-050, 2016-051, 2016-052, 2016-053, 2016-054.
Cessna 402B, G-MAPP
Left main landing gear collapsed during landing roll, East Midlands Airport, 14 January 2016.
Responses published today:
DHC-8-402 Dash 8 (Q400), G-PRPC
In-flight loss of engine access panel, on departure from Manchester Airport, 14 December 2016.
Responses published today:
2017-014, 2017-015.
Airbus A330-343, G-VKSS
Birdstrike on departure from Orlando International Airport, USA, 19 January 2013.
Responses published today:
Eurocopter AS332 L2 Super Puma, G-WNSB
Crashed in the sea on approach to Sumburgh Airport in the Shetland Islands, 23 August 2013.
Latest responses published:
2016-005, 2016-008, 2016-011, 2016-019, 2016-020, 2016-021, 2016-022, 2016-024, 2016-025, 2016-026.

Response assessed ‘Not adequate – Closed’: 2016-023.
Sikorsky S-92A, G-WNSR
Loss of yaw control on landing at West Franklin Platform, North Sea, 28 December 2016.
Responses published today:
2018-006, 2018-007.
Yak-52, G-YAKB
Loss of power and unsuccessful forced landing, 1 nm north of Dinton, Wiltshire, 8 July 2016.
Responses published today:
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, G-ZBKF
Emergency descent due to loss of cabin pressure, en route from London Heathrow to Delhi, 29 April 2017.
Responses published today:
2018-008, 2018-009, 2018-010.
Airbus A330-323, N276AY
Emergency evacuation at parking stand after APU failure filled cabin with smoke, London Heathrow Airport, 26 June 2016.
Responses published today:
2017-022, 2017-023, 2017-024, 2017-025, 2017-026, 2017-027, 2017-028, 2017-029.
Cessna 525A Citation CJ2+, N380CR
High altitude stall and loss of control, northwest of Coventry, 31 December 2013.
Responses published today:
2014-041, 2014-042.
Cessna 402C, N603AB
Overrun on landing, Gorda Airport, British Virgin Islands (BVI), 11 February 2017.
Responses published today:
2018-002, 2018-003.
Let L-410 UVP-E, OK-LAZ
Aircraft landed with crosswind component of 40 kt (maximum demonstrated crosswind component is 19.4 kt), Isle of Man (Ronaldsway) Airport, 23 February 2017.
Responses published today:
Boeing 737-300, VP-CKY
Near runway overrun, Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman, 15 January 2014.
Responses published today:
2014-036, 2014-037.
AAIB Safety Study - 1/2016
Airworthiness of aircraft registered overseas and resident in the UK.
Responses published today:
2015-039, 2015-040.

When a response is received from an addressee, we have 60 days to assess the adequacy of the response. There are three types of assessment:

  • A ‘Not adequate’ assessment means that the AAIB considers the response does not address the intent of the Safety Recommendation, nor does it address the safety issue concerned.
  • A ‘Partially adequate’ assessment means the AAIB considers the response goes some way to meeting the intent of the Safety Recommendation and the action will address the safety issue to a certain extent, but further action would be required to fully address the issue identified.
  • An ‘Adequate’ assessment means the AAIB considers the response fully meets the intent of the Safety Recommendation and the action is expected to address the safety issue.

Read more about how our Safety Recommendations are developed and their responses analysed.

Published 25 July 2019