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Robotics innovation: a kitchen that cooks for itself

Innovate UK funding helps create ‘the ultimate sous chef’.

Robot hands - one holding the saucepan handle while the other uses an electric whisk

The Shadow Dexterous Hands prepare a gourmet crab bisque.

A London-based company has helped to create ‘a kitchen that cooks for itself’ to show how closely its technology can mimic the actions of the human hand.

Shadow Robot received funding from Innovate UK to develop its Shadow Dexterous Hand. It features in the kitchen launched at the Hanover Messe trade show by collaborative partner Moley Robotics.

And what better way to prove its remarkable capability than to ask it to prepare a gourmet dish?

BBC Masterchef winner Tim Anderson set the robot hand a challenge to create a crab bisque. It performed the task perfectly time after time, with absolute consistency. “It’s the ultimate sous chef,” said Anderson.

Published 20 May 2015