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Reply to more requisitions online

Business customers can now reply to requisitions online, even if they sent us the application through the post.

reply to requisition screenshot

Today we have updated the portal, our online transactional channel. If you are a business customer, you can now reply to requisitions online, even if you sent us your application through the post. This will help you to reply to requisitions in the same way, more often.

Replying to requisitions online is one of the ways you can work with us to improve the speed of service you receive.

To use this feature you will need to be able to access our electronic document registration service (e-DRS) via the portal.

Find out how to reply to requisitions online.

Nearly 20% of registration applications require us to raise a requisition, and nearly half of all requisitions could be avoided. Find out about requisitions and how to avoid them.

Please note:

  • customers who use our Business-to-Business channel, Business Gateway, will still need to reply to requisitions through Business Gateway, if they lodged their application through Business Gateway
  • this service is not available for Network Service applications at this time
Published 7 November 2016