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Rear Admiral Simon Ancona, UK ACDS(DE), visit to Thailand 13-14 October

His visit is part of the UK’s approach to engagement with Thailand across a wide range of issues including modernisation and defence reform.

RAdm Ancona, UK ACDS(DE)

The United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Thailand have now entered the 5th Century of a partnership built on the enduring friendship between the British People and Thai people, investment in each other’s future, and on many shared values.

Rear Admiral Simon Ancona, the UK’s Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Defence Engagement), had both private and official meetings to discuss areas in which the UK and Thailand can share experience and expertise, and the role of the military in a modern democracy.

This is ahead of a long planned Strategic Dialogue between the UK and Thailand early in 2016, in which security issues will be discussed. The British Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Mark Kent, invited ACDS (DE) to visit Thailand as part of the UK’s approach to engagement with Thailand across a wide range of issues.

ACDS(DE) and the British Ambassador met with the MOD Perm Sec, Gen Preecha Chan-o-cha, Commander in Chief of Royal Thai Armed Forces, Gen Sommai Kaotira and the Royal Thai Navy Deputy Commander in Chief, Adm Narongpol Na Bangchang. ACDS(DE) also met with Royal Thai Army Commander in Chief, Gen Teerachai Nakwanich. Amongst the areas discussed were progress towards restoration of a fully democratic government, modernisation and defence reform, international burden sharing, conflict resolution and cooperation on areas of mutual interest.

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Published 14 October 2015