Press release

Reappointment to the Review Body on Senior Salaries

Prime Minister Theresa May has reappointed a member of the Review Body on Senior Salaries.


Ms Sharon Witherspoon has been reappointed to the Senior Salaries Review Body. The SSRB provides independent advice to the Prime Minister and senior ministers on the pay of many of the nation’s top public servants. The appointment is for a further term of approximately 3 years starting on the 1st July 2019.


Sharon was appointed as the Head of Policy of the Academy of Social Sciences and the Campaign for Social Science in March 2016.

She was Director of the Nuffield Foundation, an endowed charitable trust that makes grants for social and educational research and policy, until 2015. After joining the Nuffield Foundation in 1996 as an assistant director, Sharon became deputy director in 2000 and director in 2012. During this time, she led the foundation’s work in social research and policy. Her research fields included administrative justice and family law; finances for older people, including pensions; children and families; and poverty and economics. Sharon is a trustee of Full Fact, a charity that encourages use of accurate statistics in public debate and reporting, and Vice President for Education and Statistical Literacy of the Royal Statistical Society.

Published 6 June 2019