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Public Health England publishes independent evidence papers on e-cigarettes

Reports commissioned from leading academics examine the evidence on risks and opportunities.


Electronic Cigarettes: a report commissioned by Public Health England by Professor John Britton and Dr Ilze Bogdanovica (University of Nottingham) takes a broad look at the issues relating to e-cigarettes including their role in tobacco harm reduction, potential hazards, potential benefits and regulation.

E-cigarette uptake and marketing: a report commissioned by Public Health England by Professor Linda Bauld, Kathryn Angus and Dr Marisa de Andrade (University of Stirling) examines use of e-cigarettes by children and young people, the scale and nature of current marketing and its implications, in particular in relation to its potential appeal to young people.

Publication of the evidence papers coincides with a national symposium, ‘Electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction’, being held by PHE in London today. The symposium brings together senior public health leaders to discuss the opportunities and risks presented by the rise of e-cigarettes, and to identify areas of consensus to inform future action.

Photo by pixelblume. Used under Flickr Creative Commons

Published 15 May 2014