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Priti Patel statement on bombardment of Aleppo

The International Development Secretary responds to reports that there are no functioning hospitals in Eastern Aleppo

Responding to reports on 19 November that there are now no functioning hospitals in Eastern Aleppo as a result of continuing bombardment, International Development Secretary Priti Patel said:

The bombing of the last functioning hospital in Aleppo is part of a systematic campaign to remove even the most basic of services left in the city.

This sickening act is part of a humanitarian catastrophe that will leave hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians already desperate for food without access to medical care.

The inhumanity shown by the Russian and Syrian regime has created a systemic and deliberate humanitarian crisis that cannot be ignored. Russia has the power to allow the aid so desperately needed into the city, if it does not the world will hold it to account for the barbarous result.

Published 20 November 2016