Press release

Press briefing: afternoon 26 March 2014

The Prime Minister’s Spokesperson (PMS) answered questions on fox hunting, Russia, teaching strikes, terrorism offences and debate on Europe.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


Fox hunting

Asked for an update on fox hunting legislation the PMS said that the coalition legislative programme is clear.


In response to a question on whether the PM is asking British businessmen to stay away from Russia the PMS said that the Prime Minister is reviewing the government’s bilateral relations with Russia.

When asked for an update on the Prime Minister’s talks with Ukrainian MPs the PMS said that talks were due to begin at 5:45pm.

Teaching strikes

Asked if the Prime Minister’s family was affected by the teacher’s strikes the PMS said that he would not comment on matters relating to the Prime Minister’s family.

British soldier charged with terrorism offences

In response to a question on whether the Prime Minister had been informed that a British soldier had been charged with terrorism offences the PMS said that he was sure that the Prime Minster would be aware of reports on the Crown Prosecution Service decision.

DPM/Nigel Farage debate on Europe

When asked whether he had an update on what the Prime Minster would be doing during the debate and who he wanted to win, the PMS responded that he didn’t make a habit of asking the Prime Minster what he did in his private time. The PMS said that the Prime Minister’s position on Europe is clear, which is to reform Europe and then hold an in/out referendum.

Published 26 March 2014