Press release

PM meeting with President of Argentina: 21 January 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron met with the Argentine President Mauricio Macri, at Davos in Switzerland earlier today.


Following the meeting a Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister met with the new Argentine President Mauricio Macri. Both agreed that there was an opportunity to embark on a new chapter in relations between our 2 countries. They covered 3 areas: economic reform; trade and investment; and the Falkland Islands.

They discussed how the UK could help with plans to reform the economy in particular on energy, transparency and science.

On trade and investment the PM stressed that we are keen to significantly expand bilateral trade, which is currently worth around £1.14 billion. They agreed that the economic reforms could lead to greater trade opportunities for UK businesses involved in infrastructure, oil and gas, mining and agritech.

Finally on the Falklands the Prime Minister was clear that our position remained the same and that the recent referendum was absolutely clear on the Islanders’ wish to remain British.

Published 21 January 2016