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Pharmacies asked to support drug driving campaign

The Department for Transport has issued a press release calling on pharmacies to support a new year campaign to help customers understand the changes to drug driving legislation coming into force in March 2015.


The new offence has been introduced by the government to tackle the irresponsible few who continue to abuse drugs and drive by giving the police new powers to tackle the issue.

The government has consulted widely with medical and pharmacy experts and today’s announcement is about making sure people who take prescription or over the counter medicines as advised are not affected by the law.

Pharmacies are being asked to support the campaign from February 2015 by:

  • Briefing pharmacy teams, using the published healthcare guidance, so that they understand the implications of the new offence for patients
  • Displaying campaign materials online and via social media
  • Displaying campaign materials in-store / pharmacies, e.g. reminder stickers on prescription bags, shelf displays and posters

A partner pack has been developed to provide further background to the new offence and campaign plans. To register your interest and find out more about how your pharmacy can support the campaign contact Campaign materials will be available for doctors and pharmacies to order in January 2015.

Published 11 December 2014