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Petrol station merger raises competition concerns in local areas

Motor Fuel Group must address CMA concerns over its takeover of rival MRH to avoid an in-depth investigation.

woman filling up her car with fuel

Both companies run petrol stations across the UK, supplying fuel, food and convenience services.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that competition provided by other major petrol retailers and supermarkets will ensure that the merger would not result in higher prices for motorists across the country as a whole.

However, after conducting an initial (Phase 1) investigation into the takeover, the CMA has identified concerns at 29 locations in the UK where MFG and MRH are close competitors, and where the takeover could result in prices rising for local motorists.

MFG now has until 7 September to address the CMA’s competition concerns. If it is unable to do so, the merger will be referred for an in-depth (Phase 2) investigation.

More information can be found on the MFG / MRH case page.

Published 31 August 2018