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Norfenicol 300mg/ml Solution for Injection - Product defect recall alert

Product defect recall alert for Norfenicol 300mg/ml solution for injection (Vm 02000/4316) by Norbrook Laboratories Ltd.


We wish to make wholesalers and veterinary surgeons aware that Norbrook Laboratories has issued a recall of Norfenicol 300 mg/ml Solution for injection (Vm 02000/4316) all vial sizes below 250ml as a precautionary measure as sterility cannot be assured. This only affects the batch mentioned below:

Batch No. Description Expiry
9054-91B Norfenicol 300 mg/ml solution for injection 31/01/2021

Norbrook Laboratories Ltd is contacting wholesale dealers and veterinary surgeons to examine inventory immediately and quarantine products subject to this recall. We would like to stress that this issue only applies to the batch listed above. Any other batches of Norfenicol 300 mg/ml Solution for injection are not impacted and may continue to be distributed.

For further information regarding the recall, please contact Ms Naomh Thompson +44 02830 264435 or alternatively email

Published 17 May 2019