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New support to export UK healthcare management expertise

Healthcare UK welcomes a network to enhance and promote the capability of UK providers to win international healthcare management contracts.


The UK International Healthcare Management Association (UKIHMA) is a new expert network that helps its members win healthcare management business overseas. Over 30 pioneering organisations have signed up as founder members of UKIHMA.

UKIMHA Prospectus

Winning overseas healthcare opportunities

UKIHMA will aid the targeting of major opportunities in healthcare market by:

  • providing market intelligence
  • giving practical support
  • facilitating collaboration between member organisations, bringing commercial and NHS organisations together to strengthen their offer to international buyers

Membership of UKIHMA

The NHS’s reputation for excellence is a huge draw for overseas healthcare buyers. A third of the network’s founder members are NHS Trusts. This provides a strong incentive for international organisations to work with UKIHMA to access the expertise of the world’s largest integrated healthcare system.

UKIHMA’s strong representation from the private sector includes:

  • education and training providers
  • architects and healthcare planners
  • engineering companies
  • medical technology suppliers
  • facilities management specialists

Complete the UKIHMA Application Form (PDF, 40.6KB, 1 page) to become a founder member or contact Healthcare UK for more information.

Supported up by Healthcare UK, UKIHMA will be led by members as they join forces for innovative and collaborative approaches to international business growth.

Indentifying healthcare opportunities

UKIHMA aims to validate a minimum of 20 opportunities in its first year. It will work closely with Healthcare UK and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to identify new international business opportunities.

UKIHMA will not launch formally until 5 November, but members are already collaborating on a bid for a contract in the United Arab Emirates.

Published 19 October 2015