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New Insolvency Service publications

The Insolvency Service is launching new and improved guidance content. Update: 21 April 2016

The Insolvency Service has reviewed its guidance publications and will shortly begin the process of replacing the existing Word and PDF documents with new web based content.

Update April 21 2016

The publications ‘how to wind up your partnership’ and ‘Statutory Demands’ have been replaced by new guidance at:

Update 16 February 2016

The publications Guide for Directors and How to wind up your own company have been withdrawn and incorporated into Guide to liquidation (winding-up) for directors & Options when a company is insolvent

Reuse of a company name has also been withdrawn and incorporated into Guide to liquidation (winding-up) for directors

Update 2 February 2016

The publication ‘Individual insolvency register’ has been withdrawn with the information being incorporated in our Search the bankruptcy and insolvency register page.

Update 13 January 2016

The publication ‘Trustees and liquidators in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation’ has been withdrawn and replaced with new guidance The functions of a trustee or liquidator

Update 23 December 2015

This week our complaints procedure was removed and incorporated into our main corporate complaints page at:

We also replaced our guidance on bankruptcy restrictions with the new revised guidance at:

Update 10 December 2015

This week we removed our PDF guidance publication ‘How to wind up a company that owes you money’. this has been replaced with new revised content at Wind up a company that owes you money.

We have also removed the guidance publication ‘Any questions information on the insolvency enquiry line’. The content of this guidance has been incorporated into our contact information on our corporate home page at

Update 5 November 2015

The publication ‘how to make someone bankrupt’ has been replaced by Apply to bankrupt someone who owes you money

Update 15 October 2015

We have published a new guide to bankruptcy.

This publication replaces

  • The old guide to bankruptcy
  • What will happen to my home
  • What will happen to my bank account
  • What will happen to my pension
  • What will happen to my motor vehicle
  • Income payments orders and agreements
  • When will my bankruptcy end
  • Can my bankruptcy be cancelled
  • Bankruptcy and transgender
  • What happens when you are interviewed by the Official Receiver

About the publications refresh

We have refreshed our guidance to focus on our customers’ need to understand the insolvency processes available to them, complete the required tasks to access our services and meet certain requirements.

We will be introducing our new guidance in phases and will shortly be making changes to content for people who have a Debt Relief Order or are thinking about getting one.

You can view the publications we are replacing and the progress we are making in the document Insolvency Service Publications Review: Schedule (PDF, 231KB, 5 pages) .

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Every effort is being made to make the transition as smooth as possible for our customers. Please do let us know if you experience any problems with accessing our publications during this time.