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New e-book highlights impact on growth

Regulatory Delivery has collected a range of examples, including videos, of how better regulation is having a positive impact on growth.


Regulatory Delivery has published a new e-book, Regulation and Growth, a user-friendly guide to how good regulatory delivery can boost business growth.

The guide features facts, figures and videos, presented in an easy-to-digest form, highlighting the impact regulators can have on business.

Videos include entrepreneur Brett Holmes and case studies from Cornwall and its involvement in the Better Business for All programme, which brings together businesses and regulators to consider and change how local regulation is delivered and received.

Regulatory Delivery brings together policy expertise and practical experience to ensure that regulation is effectively delivered in ways that reduce burdens on business, save public money and properly protect citizens and communities.

Examples of great work from around the country are being collected continually and the book will be updated with fresh content.

Published 6 July 2016