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National infrastructure pipeline update published

The pipeline provides an overall picture of planned investment in infrastructure, across both public and private sectors, to 2020 and beyond.


An update to the national infrastructure pipeline has been published today (20 July 2015).

It has been published on a 6-monthly basis since December 2013 and gives visibility and certainty for investors and the supply chain while also allowing government to work more effectively to ensure that the UK’s infrastructure needs are met.

The pipeline includes large capital projects and programmes of investment worth £50 million or more across communications, energy, flood defences, science & research, transport, waste and water.

The pipeline is accompanied by an interactive timeline and an interactive map, which will allow users to filter the pipeline by sector, region, delivery status and value.

Using this pipeline, an assessment has been undertaken of the skills required to deliver these ambitious investment plans. This will identify shortfalls or pinch-points in capacity, which could impact delivery.

The analysis will be published in a National Infrastructure Plan for Skills in September 2015, and will set out a series of actions and recommendations to drive productivity growth and build the skills required to deliver and maintain world-class infrastructure.

Published 20 July 2015