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Most northerly Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) opens

The DVSA has announced the opening of its most northerly Authorised Testing Facility (ATF)

Image of most northerly ATF

Alex Fiddes greets Neil Leslie - Commercial Director of Northwards

Bus, coach and truck operators based in The Shetland Islands now have more choice than ever of where to go for annual tests as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA - incorporating VOSA and DSA) announces the opening of its most northerly Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) at Northwards Ltd, Lerwick.

ATFs are privately-owned businesses where a DVSA tester carries out annual tests on heavy goods and passenger service vehicles. The ATF network is part of DVSA’s Testing Transformation Programme which gives customers more choice of where to go for tests whilst at the same time reducing vehicle down-time.

DVSA presented Northwards Ltd with a certificate on Monday 6 January to commemorate the opening of the most northerly ATF.

DVSA Chief Executive Alastair Peoples said:

The opening of an ATF in the Shetland Islands is another significant milestone in the expansion of the ATF network, marking it as the most northerly facility for bus, coach and truck testing.

Open access at the Northwards site will make it even easier for drivers and operators in the local area to access testing facilities. I know from speaking with other ATFs that they value the convenience of having testing facilities closer to their business so they can reduce fuel costs, improve vehicle downtime and also see first time pass rates improve.

I am proud of the ATF record so far and I know local drivers and operators will benefit from the service provided by their new ATF.

Northwards Commercial Director Neil Leslie is pleased to enter into partnership with DVSA, saying:

I look forward to offering an enhanced service to transport operators in the Shetland Isles and see this as a natural fit with our workshop facilities.

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Published 9 January 2014