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Medical revalidation at Public Health England

Prof Anthony Kessel, Responsible Officer, and Dr Imogen Stephens, deputy Responsible Officer, give a brief overview of the revalidation process.


An appraisal, the cornerstone of revalidation, is an annual opportunity to review a doctor’s practice and their career pathway.

The revalidation team at PHE know that this appraisal and revalidation process for public health doctors is new, and are working to make the process as smooth as possible. Both individual doctors and the PHE as the organisation must work together to ensure that each doctor completes their annual appraisal in a timely manner.

The team have created many resources to inform and guide doctors through the process including written guides and briefings, weekly teleconferences, and this video, Medical Revalidation in Public Health England.

Feedback from people who have completed the appraisal has been largely positive.

For further information that you feel isn’t addressed in the available resources, please contact:

Published 19 November 2013