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Launch event for Accelerator Enduring Challenge

An innovation networking event is taking place in London on 26 January 2017 to launch the Accelerator Enduring Challenge.

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It’s a unique opportunity for industry and academia to engage with a wide range of Ministry of Defence personnel – from the Defence and Security Accelerator, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory technical specialists and military advisers, and military users from the front line commands.

At the event, more information will be provided on the enhanced Accelerator Enduring Challenge, which builds upon the Centre for Defence Enterprise Enduring competition and provides innovators with an on-going means to submit a proposal to the Accelerator

This challenge identifies 9 areas where the defence and security communities need to improve current, or add new, capabilities.

9 Challenge Areas

Frontline military users and advisers will be on hand to provide detail about the different issues they face and provide guidance on what they are looking for.

The Accelerator Enduring Challenge is seeking highly innovative ideas that have a high potential benefit for the defence and security end user, that challenge our thinking and are not iterative developments of current technologies.

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Published 9 January 2017