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Implementation of the Trade Mark Directive 2015

Intellectual Property Office seeks views on the implementation of changes to UK trade mark law resulting from the Trade Mark Directive 2015.

Intellectual Property Office

A consultation on changes to UK trade mark law has launched. These changes result from the Trade Mark Directive 2015 which helps to minimise the differences between national and EU trade mark systems.

The changes we plan to make are consistent with the Directive. They include:

  • removing the requirement for a trade mark to be presented graphically. Marks then could be filed in contemporary file formats, like moving images, provided they are presented in a clear and precise manner
  • restricting the scope of the ‘own name’ defence against infringement to individuals only
  • removing expired trade marks from the definition of an ‘earlier trade mark’

This will make the framework across Europe more accessible and effective for business, to support innovation and economic growth. It will also future proof the system in terms of file formats.

We seek views on how we should make these changes. We have also included a draft statutory instrument, which sets out the proposed changes in detail.

If you have any comments on any aspects of the consultation please send them to before 16 April 2018.

Published 19 February 2018