Press release

Humber coastguard urge anglers to name fishing gear

Unattended fishing gear sparks mistaken rescue attempt.

Search and rescue operations

Humber Coastguard have been coordinating a search today (5 January 2014) for a angler who left valuable fishing gear unattended on a jetty at Ness Point, Lowestoft and was believed to have fallen into the sea.

The search involved 4 lifeboats, 1 police helicopter and a coastguard rescue team. The angler concerned had gone home to collect his medication and then got held up at home. On his return he was surprised to find that his gear had sparked such worry.

Graham Dawson, Humber Coastguard watch manager says:

We take all reports of possible missing persons at sea very seriously, with the recent bad weather and floods we have been extremely busy and if this angler had clearly named his fishing equipment we could have contacted him and saved the time and effort of the resources involved in today’s (5 January 2014) search effort.

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Published 5 January 2014