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Human Rights Council 40: General comment before adoption of Libya

The UK welcomed the GNA's commitment to the Council, but highlighted concerns regarding abuses against migrants and reinforced the importance of the UN-led political process in promoting peace in Libya.

UN Chair

Thank you Mr President

France, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and the UK align themselves with this statement.

We would like to thank the African Group for presenting this resolution and for taking on board a range of our comments.

We again welcome the commitment of the GNA to engage with the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms.

We are however disappointed that language around “irregular” migrants features in this years’ text which may exclude consideration of violations and abuses against all migrants. We would also have appreciated greater focus on the plight of asylum seekers.

Moreover, the UN led political process in Libya is of paramount importance in promoting a peaceful and stable future for all Libyans. The National Conference planned for April this year will be key. We underline that any regional initiatives as set out in operational paragraph 14 of this resolution should play a supportive role and not detract from our unified focus and support for the UN led process as the primary vehicle to support reconciliation and peace in Libya.

Thank you Mr President.

Published 22 March 2019