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HMRC announces scale of enquiries into big business

Two-thirds of the 800 biggest businesses operating in the United Kingdom are under enquiry by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), it was announced today


Jennie Granger, Director General of Enforcement and Compliance at HMRC, told an HMRC stakeholder conference that most of the enquiries cover multiple issues.

Granger said:

“We are enquiring into two out of three of the largest corporations operating in the UK – many of which are multinationals.

“That is not to say that most large businesses are on the make. But it does highlight both the complexity of the international tax system in which they operate and our need to be very actively scrutinising how they negotiate their way through that system.”

HMRC’s large business strategy has generated £31 billion in additional revenue over the last four years. Large businesses account for a quarter of the £34 billion estimated tax gap, and contribute around 60% of UK tax receipts.

Published 5 November 2014