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Hiring a car for your wedding?

In a recent DVLA survey 77% of drivers said that they travelled to their own weddings by car.


Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Daimlers were among the most popular luxury choices of car when getting married, with a black cab, fire engine and even a golf buggy standing out among the quirkier ways people chose to arrive on their big day.

While around 70% said they had the exact choice of transport they wanted, a horse and carriage was revealed as the most popular dream choice – perhaps inspired by the royal couple – for those who would have preferred to have had something different. Others said they would have liked to have made a more dramatic arrival, preferring to arrive by vintage bus, helicopter or even motorboat.

Deciding on how to get there – and who will be doing the driving – is a vital part of any wedding checklist. But around 37% did not realise that the quickest and easiest way to view or share driving licence information when hiring a car is by using DVLA’s View and Share driving licence service.

With so much to get ticked off ahead of the occasion, this service could help take away a lot of the hassle for whoever is doing the driving – whether they’re hiring a 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, a Ford Capri or the latest Audi R8.

Dudley Ashford, Head of Drivers Services at DVLA explains:

You can use DVLA’s online service to view your driving record, and to find out the types of vehicles you can drive. You can also check for any penalty points or disqualifications. It’s also the simplest way for the person driving on the big day to share their driving record with a car hire company.

The service can be found here.

Quoted statistics are based on responses to a DVLA survey.

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Published 17 May 2018